Oceans turning red with my hate,
Is there a pill to ease this?
The ground shakes as I try to stand,
Its not gravity pulling me down.

Wrapped inside my own thoughts
Imagination; he keeps me controlled,
Until those words reappear again
And I’m breathing in poison, give me air.

There she stands above me,
Around them and beside him always.
Nothing I do can awaken the dreams
And the salt drips into these wounds.

Sometimes its like the sun came out
Only to be washed away with a shower.
Proceed to be in a cloud of haze
Taken over by a storm inside me.


Too many questions.

When will you look my way?
So that our eyes finally meet.
When will you smile at me?
So I know I make you happy.
When will I hear your voice?
So I can hear my name in your mouth.
When will I feel those flutters?
So I can imagine you feel them too.
When will we be inches apart?
So I won’t have to miss an invisible force.
When will I know if its real?
So I won’t think thats its fake anymore.


I wish I didn’t wander off,
He holds my hand so tightly.
I wish I didn’t look around,
His eyes are glued to me.

I wish I wouldn’t dream away,
His dream already true.
I wish I wouldn’t picture you here,
It never will be framed.

I wish I couldn’t wish for more,
I look and see devotion.
I wish I couldn’t crave much more,
This man who calls me, “mine”.

The Invisible Man

Alone; the nights are empty, blackened
A chill stirs and I long for comfort
My tears ache with no hope
A craving takes hold, so thirsty for you.

Arms are empty with no one there
Breathing slow and sharp, I’ve been hit
The mind doesnt stop for a second
Dry lips, sweaty palms, beat beat beat…

Shut my eyes, its no different
Hes there, hes not, but he is!
Fingernail marks leave trails of wanting
On a man who will never be here


I’ve got a happy, hard working man,
Who I’m to marry and thats my plan!
No job is too much, he’ll always say yes,
If I say “have a rest?” he wont give any less.
Painting, mowing, drilling, building,
All of these jobs and now he’s house cleaning.
A few more hours later, I’ve cooked our tea,
He’ll be out cold snoring, flat out on the settee.
I love this man who has my heart,
All muscle and laughter hes a work of art.

Thunder Buddy!?

Thunders hanging over my house,
I’m a bit scared much like a mouse.
The rain is pounding on the window,
The heat and sun are here no more.
How typical when I’m off work,
The sun took off his hat, what a jerk!
I hate the noise its far too loud,
I need some help and I’m not proud.
A hand to hold,
An arm that folds.
With a heart that cares,
And his love to share.